About Us

Meet the Maker!

Hi! I’m Mayra, I’m so excited to have you here. Zip Paw is all about creating functional and beautiful accesories and toys for our four-legged friends...and their people.

I’ve always had a crafty soul and loved creating things and even selling them. After arriving to USA from my birth country, Colombia, I realized that I was missing that part of myself that came back to life with Lucy, my black Labrador.

I started making dog accessories because I wanted her to wear stylish, durable, unique and functional gear that would resist all her adventures in the outdoors, and at the same time provide a survival tool without making her feel uncomfortable, and I did it! Zip Paw allows me to combine my dog obsession with my love for crafts. I hope you enjoy our handcrafted products, as much as I love making them.

Happy Shopping!