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Keychain Lanyard Clip

Keychain Lanyard Clip

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  • Weave handcrafted with paracord
  • Durable metal hardware - metal key hook & metal keyring

Length: 6 in (15.2 cm)

Width: 1.25 in (3.2 cm) 


  • Water resistant paracord.
  • Rust resistant hardware.


All of our products can be easily washed, worries-free!

  • Spot clean it with a wet wipe or towel, place it under running water and hand wash or machine wash it with cold water in a laundry bag.
  • A spare toothbrush does an excellent job of getting into any small gaps.
  • Air dry and lay flat if possible. 


ZIP PAW accept no responsibility for injury/damage caused by misuse of our products. All our products are designed with the highest quality materials and are handcrafted to last, but, please check their condition regularly to ensure the safety of your pet and others.

This lanyard clip is an ideal option to attach your keys to nearly anything, freeing up your hands for a fun-filled excursion with your furry friend!

The Keychain Lanyard Clip is an excellent choice for attaching your keys to a belt loop, leash, backpack, or bag, and can be customized to match your pet's collar or desired colors.

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